Can I return a Daily Deal purchase?

Absolutely! All Daily Deal purchases can be returned within 7 days for an E-Gift card in the amount paid to be used anywhere on If an item is defective, we will exchange the item for a new one at no additional fees within 7 days. 

Can I go over my Half Off Deal value?

Absolutely, we will process anything you send us. If you go over the value of your Half Off Deal, we simply bill your credit card. We're happy to help you with all of your needs!

How does payment work?

The Half Off Deal will work as a voucher towards our products and will be deducted from the order total, the remainder will be charged to your credit card. We welcome you to purchase as much as you would like with your Half Off Deal - you certainly are NOT limited to your awesome value.

How long does the process take?

When we receive your order, our system sends you an email notifying you of receipt. We are currently experiencing turnaround times of 15 business days from the deal end date, depending on the type of Half Off Deal you purchased.

How do I enter my Half Off Deal on the order form?

Your Half Off Deal # may be entered in the Coupon/Gift Card/Promotional field of the order form. Be sure to NOT enter the # symbol when entering your coupon code. Only digits and letters should be entered in this field.

Can I use more than one Half Off Deal on my order?

No, You are unable to apply more than 1 Half Off Deal voucher to an order as our system isn't capable of receiving more than one voucher code at a time.. Hopefully we can get that technology soon!!

Can I use my Half Off Deal for anything on the DealsOnDirect site?

No, Half Off Deal vouchers are only valid for the specific product you have purchased it for.

What happens if my Half Off Deal promotional value expires?

All is not lost! If your Half Off Deal promotional value expires, you can always redeem it for the amount paid. For more information about expiration dates and voucher values please contact us.