BoltPower Battery Case - Apple 8 Pin Lightning Connection



Input/Output: DC 5V 500mA
Capacity: 2200mAh 

Installing iPhone 5 into the Battery Case
1. Remove all other case or protective films on the side and back of the iPhone 5
2. Pull the top slider apart laterally
3. Insert the iPhone 5 into the body of the Battery Case until the phone comes in full contact with the 8 pin lightning adapter
4. Slide the top part of the case back to the body to enclose and secure the iPhone 5

Using iPhone 5 into the Battery Case
1. Connect the original Apple iPhone 5 lightning cable (Not included) Case
2. The LED indicator flashes while charging each LED indicator represents 25% of the power, when all 4 LED lights stops flashing it indicates the charging is complete
-The battery case can be recharged with or without the iPhone 5 housed inside the case.
-If you wish to charge the iPhone 5 first while it's inside the battery case, you can do so by toggling the power button (lower left hand corner silver button) to ON position after connecting to the Apple Lightning cable. In this state, the Battery Case will be charged when the iPhone 5's internal battery is fully charged.

1. Toggle the power button on (iPhone should indicate that it's being charged)
2. The LED indicator will flash to indicate the remaining power (25% each) until the battery case is out of power
-Charging can be stopped anytime by toggling the power button again to turn off


  • Sync iPhone 5 to iTunes without removing the battery case when power button is toggled to ON position. On/Off switch with One-Touch smart design easy to operate
  • FEATURES BOTH A MALE AND FEMALE APPLE 8 PIN LIGHTNING CONNECTOR. One Apple lightning cable is all you need to charge both the phone and the case
  • Innovative Two Piece Slider Design for easy installation and full body protection of your iPhone
  • Built-in kick stand for Video Watching and Facetiming
  • Perfect cutouts allow access to all cameras, microphones, sensors, controls and more importantly the headphone jack