Headphone Ear Warmers



Sure, you could blow your rent money on expensive fox fur ear warmer headphones..... Or you could channel the concept cheaply with these Burr earmuff headphones, which hook up to your iPod or phone (cord included). The refreshingly unadorned ear warmers come in many different colors and designs and have a cozy faux-fur interior to ward off windburn. The lightweight muffs curl up compactly when you're not using them, so they can be stashed in your handbag, carry-on, or coat pocket.

  • Breathable faux-fur lining blocks wind while allowing moisture to escape.
  • This faux fur-lined ear warmer is made with a nylon, puffy-quilt shell that is warm, breathable and wind-resistant.
  • Behind your head design fits comfortably over your ears while keeping your hairstyle looking fresh.
  • Fits varying head sizes.
  • Collapsible for easy storage in your pocket, briefcase or glove compartment.
  • Can be worn with hats and glasses.